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Solstice Personal Training

Welcome to Solstice. Edgewater's premier personal training studio. Our staff has been helping clients with their fitness

goals collectively for over 30 years. In that time, we've held clients accountable to their fitness goals.

Our experienced staff have guided many clients in their weight loss and toning goals.  Our biggest loser to date has lost

over 200 lbs. We've also helped clients put on muscle, build endurance, stability and strength.  We have trained pro/college athletes, Olympic hopefuls, Ironman participants and weekend warriors.

We've worked with clients ranging in age from 9-88 years old.

No matter your fitness goals, we're confident we could help you with your personal training needs.

One-on-One Private Training
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Semi-Private Personal Training
Fitness Group
Sport Specific Classes
Fitness Class
About Us

Soltice Personal Training is a locally owned and operated fitness studio.

We are a diverse and inclusive community that finds our strength both

figuratively and literally in exercise.  We do what we love and we love

what we do, and we invite you to join us on a fitness expedition. 

We look forward to seeing you shine as bright as The Summer Solstice. 

Contact Us

5700 W 25th Ave #200A

Edgewater CO 80214

Tel: 720-855-6600

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