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A personal trainer can be many different things to many people.  We aim to facilitate an exercise program, that includes strength, functional training, flexibility and cardio. We also provide nutritional guidance along the journey.  We aim to meet each client where they are as we direct them on their fitness expedition.


We offer a complementary screening to each of our private, one-on-one clients. We take that collected information and begin customizing a personalized fitness program based on your goals, lifestyle, and limitations.

We understand that many of our clients are seeking accountability. So we create a personalized exercise program that is attainable and sustainable. The periodization we construct will be based on the clients fitness needs and goals. 

Cross Fit Class

Are you looking to get fit in the community and camaraderie with others but still social distance as you train? Perhaps small group training is for you. Semi-Private Personal Training offers a space where a personal trainer guides you and up to 4 others through a workout. These sessions are at an intensity that is comparable and designed for all in that semi private group. Typically the semi-private sessions have 2-5 participants at a time. 

Reach out today to see if we have a group that matches your fitness needs. Another option is to get a friend or two and start a group of your own!

Online Zumba Lesson


Does work and play take you away from home? No need to worry about fitness training while you're away. One of our personal trainers will reach out and facilitate a virtual workout while you're out of town. This services has been a game changer ever since we started offering the service in 2020.



Who doesn't want to tone up a bit while losing some unwanted pounds. The majority of the clients we serve are looking for these two solutions.  At Solstice, we a create family-like atmosphere where you feel comfortable expressing your goals while we customize a program to best serve you.

CrossFit Jumps

These classes are designed for the high level young athlete. The Solstice staff designs a sport specific program for your club/high and middle school athlete.  We specialize in basketball, baseball, volleyball, softball and soccer training. If the team's objective is to get bigger, quicker, faster and/or stronger, we can help get that competitive edge.

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