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Who We Are & Our Vision


David Diaz

Founder & CEO/MA/BS/AA

David has a love for helping others. Initially, he was inner city teacher/coach at MLK and Denver North High School.  He was lucky enough to work with amazing students and athletes while working for DPS. Many of his athletes received college degrees and some did it while playing sports. 


After nearly a decade in education, David began looking for a new career path.  He visited a personal training studio. had a vision, and followed his calling to pursue a new path in the fitness industry. He went home that night and discussed with his pregnant wife, Aomi. He would chase the  dream of opening a personal training studio in the Sloan's Lake neighborhood.  He's been personal  training and following that dream for nearly 20 years. 


Alex competed in MISS COLORADO in year 2001. During her nights in the gym, she had found her new outlet and it brought tranquility. This experience was a transformation for her. For the first time in a long time she began to find passion, love and acceptance. After a couple years in the gym, many people began to approach her with health question and were asking for fitness advice. She had found her calling and at just 18 years old, Alex began her fitness training journey.


Alex has experience working with a wide variety of populations through many different fitness domains including weight loss, strength and conditioning, injury prevention, wellness coaching, endurance training, and general fitness. Her first client was her twin brother Jonathon, and she coached him as he lost 100 lbs.

Personal Trainer/ACE/NASM/Kickboxer

Alexandria Reyes

Josh Thompson

Personal Trainer/BS/NASM/HuskerRehab

Josh is a life-long athlete and was no stranger to hard training sessions. His degree has allowed him to expand on his love for exercise. Much of his college soccer career at Wesleyan was spent recovering from injury and during that time, the gym became the outlet that the soccer field had been for so many years.


The gym has been a haven for Josh to work on his physical and mental health, patience, and confidence. His friends would ask him for training advice and workout programs as they saw the strides that he was making. He knew that he was on the right path; a path that brought him to Solstice where he can continue to use his passion for exercise to help others achieve their goals.


When Sharon was looking to make a change. She sought guidance. She was extremely overweight and living a sedate and unhealthy lifestyle. Sharon knew if she didn't begin to make a change towards a healthier lifestyle she was putting her life in jeopardy. Sharon was approaching a milestone birthday, considering retirement and a new career. 


With the help of the Solstice trainers, Sharon has lost 220+ lbs., ran and twice completed a sprint-distance triathlon. Sharon's personal fitness journey and success is what inspired her to become a Solstice fitness trainer. Through her own experience

she can help others do the same.

Personal Trainer/MA/BA/ISSA PT Nutrition

Sharon Sisneros

Javarius Sanders

Personal Trainer/AA NASM USMC

Javarius is an all-around athlete coming out of Sebring, FL. He spent his youth playing football, basketball, running track, weightlifting, cheerleading, and Javarius decided to pursue a career in personal training and became a certified personal trainer.


He later went on to serve  in the United States Marine Corps which helped mold him as a professional. This experience gave him the training and discipline to excel in all aspects of life. Post service,  His biggest belief is that you are the master of your fate; it all rises and falls on you. Give your very best, give your all, and never quit. Everything is possible!

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